Foggy Ride In

The ride in this morning was extremely low-visibility; I’d be surprised if I had the ability to see anything more than 150m off. That was just enough, however, to watch a heron slowly pad its way across the shallow river to the shore with a large fish in its beak. I really do love riding to work.


One Year with the Mule

My Surly Long Haul Trucker in assembly

My Surly Long Haul Trucker on its first day.

It’s been just over a year since The Mule showed up in Daejeon, making my commute to work a lot more enjoyable. Several thousand kilometers later (I’m guessing between 3 and 4 somewhere), two multi-day bike trips, seven metric century + days, and many day trips out and back, this bike has served me well.

One year and a few days later.

My Surly LHT Today. A few modifications later.

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