Bye-Bye Bea

Bea Arthur died on Saturday. Rest in peace, you funny lady.


A Little Bet

Aryaena and I have a little bet going. Whose lips do you like better?

Lips A.

Lips A. We know the lighting, makeup and photoshopping is better. Just look at the lips.

Lips B. Amateur all around.

Lips B. Amateur all around.

Comments, s’il vous plait.

Good Weekend

I went up to Seoul this weekend with Aryaena for a girls’ (+Dan) party at the Dragon Hill Spa at Yongsan (용산 in Korean, or 龍山, which means Dragon Mountain). We sat and chatted in the many dry sauna rooms of various temperatures before sending Dan off on his own and heading to the public bath area. We soaked in the various tubs of which the outdoor Japanese-style tub was our favourite. After chatting some more we headed back inside to scrub ourselves with rough mittens until our dead skin rolled off in little grey rolls. It’s really nasty to look at, but the result is completely worthwhile.

After we finished up at the spa, Dan, Tae, Aryaena and I headed back to the hotel Tae had reserved in Insadong (인사동) for us. We dropped our things, finished fixing ourselves for the evening and headed out to dinner at Carne Station back across town in Gangnam (강남).

The whole weekend was part of DeVika’s Birthoween event. She’s a socialite and loves planning these huge parties to bring as many of her friends together as possible. Dinner had about 20 people at it. Someone had purchased a cake from Costco, but there wasn’t any knife in the box for cutting it up and sharing it around.

The birthday cake

The birthday cake

DeVika went through great pains to try to get the staff to provide her with a knife to use to cut up the giant slab cake. After sending people to the kitchen four or five times, they provided her with the following:
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