Cooking up a Storm

I’m much better at cooking something nutritious and balanced if I’m cooking for someone other than just myself. However, I realized that with what I hope will be a busy few weeks of long days teaching, I should probably eat better than simply eggs and toast to get me through the days. So, I’ve got the oven and the stove going preparing some good eats for the coming week.

In the oven I have a ham baking with some carrots and potatoes. It should be done in a few minutes and that’s tonight’s dinner. The ham was a pickup at Costco and I promised to cook it for Aryaena when she came to visit. Thing is, she hasn’t been up to visit me for more than a few hours each time in the last month or so, and so the ham has had to wait. Now that she’s home in the US visiting family I’ve decided I’ll cook the one I had in the freezer and just buy a new one when she comes back to this side of the Pacific.

Also at Costco, except only yesterday, I picked up a roast chicken, picked off the meat and put the bones to broth. I put some of the meat back in and now it’s simmering to become a yummy chicken soup which should warm up the cool nights we’ve been having as of late.

Not as bloody as it looks

Not as bloody as it looks

My happiest food, however, is something very simple, but something I haven’t eaten in a very long time. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I had any. It’s something I didn’t think was available in Korea, but I see that it is locally-grown. I was so excited to show Aryaena, but she didn’t seem to share my affinity for root vegetables.

I suppose it’s not her fault that a simple beet isn’t so exciting, but it makes me think of dinners at my paternal grandparent’s house when I was young. They had a garden at one time and we would go pick fresh beans and they would always have beets and new potatoes on the plates as well. In fact, my grandmother has a recipe for pickled beets I can’t wait to make again when I’m living back in Canada. I hope to be living somewhere where I can have a root cellar or basement or SOMETHING where I can keep preserves.

So, here’s to good eating. What’s on your plate tonight?


One comment on “Cooking up a Storm

  1. Donna says:

    Well tonight was one of leftovers at home. But I have a slow cooker of spagetti sauce simmering away. I tried making it with ground turkey instead of hamburger and we quite like it. Have taken to using ground turkey as oppossed to beef as of late. One more round of turkey & dressing this week then we put it to the freezer. made a carrot curry soup yummy….Kelli took some home with her – a real complement. Can send you the recipe fo it if you’d like. Making Cranberry orange turkey one night this week then have to walk a million miles for the love of food!

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