Better than I have said it

So sometime last week I officially became a “fan of same-sex marriage” on Facebook. It wasn’t too many hours later that I had a message in my inbox about it. It seems that the sender didn’t consider that you don’t have to be gay to support gay marriage.

As someone who was raised in the Christian faith, and who has a minor’s worth of credit hours from university in Bible-related courses, I find it especially abhorrent that Christians would be trying to thwart equal rights to a political freedom. This comes down to the idea of separation of church and state (which is in the best interest of Christians; especially over the long term), and the basic tenet of the Christian faith: Love God with everything you’ve got, and love your neighbour as yourself (which Christ himself said was enough to cover all the other rules we’re supposed to abide by).

I’ve done a fair bit of kicking, screaming, and reasoning with all number of people about the issue, and I must say that Keith Olbermann has really done a fantastic job of leveling with the unreasonable position of the religious fundamentalists:

I have to agree.


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