Doing One Hundred Pushups

So two weeks ago I mentioned on my Facebook Status that I should be doing pushups to get over being so weak in the upper body (my legs are just dandy, thanks). One of my friends suggested that I start doing the 100 pushup challenge, and it sounds like a good idea, so I’m going to do it.

The dialogue

The dialogue

My initial test is pitiful. I can’t get down to a full parallel-with-the-ground position for even a single pushup. It looks like I’m going to have to start with the “alternative” or “girly” push-ups for a little while until I build up some strength. But just you wait. By the time Christmas comes I’m going to be doing 100 consecutive pushups in some form or another. I may not be able to write on the top half of the chalkboard for the rest of the semester, but goshdarnit, I’m going to be FIT.

I refuse to be 30 and out of shape. I started this project a little more than a year ago with commuting by bike, and have surprised myself at what has been accomplished. In a post last night I talked about the past year with my lovely Surly LHT. This summer I managed to push my bike on a more-than-100km-per-day pace for seven full days (half days on the first and last days, but over 700km total on an eight-day-seven-night trip) in Hokkaido. I lost about 15kg over the last year. I commuted by bicycle faithfully for a full year, in all weather and temperatures. 100 consecutive pushups is the next step. Anyone want to challenge themselves with me?


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