Happy Surprises

Two Thursdays ago I got home tired after a long day at work interviewing students for their oral exams. When I pulled my bike up the stairs to my apartment door and opened it, I was angry at myself for leaving the lights in the kitchen on all day. As I started to roll my bike through the entryway to the bike stand I noticed a pair of shoes on the tile that don’t belong to me. A smile crept across my face. “Baby- what are you doing here?” I was beaming through the road grit, sweat and fatigue.

Aryaena had been planning this surprise for weeks, and had even taken the time to pick out and prepare a meal from my family’s cookbook of favourite recipes. Maple glazed salmon, fresh potatoes and a green salad. I hastily grabbed a shower and sat down to the delicious and extremely satisfying home-cooked meal. Although she hadn’t told me, Aryaena had a holiday that Friday and was able to come to my place a day earlier than anticipated.

This weekend Aryaena and I are heading up to Seoul for a Jjimjilbang party with a large group of women. It should be an interesting time.


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